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They have arrived.... finally!

After leaving school this morning the coach made its way down to Lymington to the ferry terminal where there were a few delays mainly because 1 coach wouldn't re start at the terminal! After a quick turn around the coach was fixed and the children made a later ferry.

Everyone has settled into their rooms and made themselves familiar with the hotel. The children have all tucked into their first meal of the trip and are now on the beach playing various games!

It sounds like all will sleep well tonight!


Some words below from Miss. Wheble at 10.00pm!

What a day! We are all safely in the Isle of Wight and settled into our hotel. After a rather long journey, we all loved stretching our legs at the beach. While some children loved burying each other (don't worry we retrieved them all), a lot of the boys loved playing football against the all-so-competitive Mr Lo-Pon! We've all had a hot shower; lost the final grains of sand and are now safely tucked up in bed ready for our busy day tomorrow!