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    Blackgang Chine & Monkey Haven

    Today the beautiful weather continued with an amazing sunny day and maximum time was spent outdoors! Our first stop – Blackgang Chine. We spent a fantastic morning playing pirates, riding on roller coasters and even got a few ice-creams to cool us down (which a few of us managed to drop, and one of us managed to drop AND catch on the way down).

    Second stop was the Monkey and Birds of Prey Haven. We had two brilliant tour guides who introduced us to Mushroom and Sheldon, who were two lovely tortoises, and we all learnt some incredible facts. Mushroom even proceeded to chase Manjinder down the hill which we all thought was hilarious! We continued along the tour and met an array of incredible animals such as meerkats, gibbons, kookaburras and owls!

    Final stop for the day, after yet another wonderful dinner, was the show ‘Wild!’ which was SO much fun! We spent the night singing and dancing our hearts out. Everyone was blown away by the skills and rhythm of everyone at Belvedere Juniors. Mr. Lo-Pon even showed off his skills!

    By the end of the night everyone was extremely worn out and ready to hit the hay. So we had a small debrief then everyone went off to bed and were fast asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow. ​


    Look at the photos below: