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Day 3- Donkey Sanctuary and Allum Bay

We're beginning to think that we have pleased the weather Gods for this trip, every day has been beautiful! We've all had to use ample amounts of sun cream and making sure we're being sun smart at all times. 

 Our first stop for day 3 was the Donkey Sanctuary where Derek, who was the leader of the charity, met us and introduced us to the sanctuary. We had an array of activities that we all had the opportunity to complete such as: grooming the donkeys, feeding the donkeys, walking the donkeys (or being walked by a donkey if you're Harry) and we even had a quiz where Ellie won first prize, which was a gorgeous soft-toy donkey donated by the sanctuary!‚Äč We all had an absolute blast and the donkeys were amazing!

Our next stop for the day was a boat journey around the famed 'Needles' off the coast of the Isle of Wight. Walking down the cliff face, everyone was blown away by how immense and majestic the cliffs were leading across to the needles. The tour guide on our boat had a wealth of knowledge and everyone managed to learn a thing or two! Once ashore we headed straight to the gift shop where everyone bought some wonderful items and some of us even got some beautiful coloured sand straight off the cliffs we had just climbed down!


And award for the top poser goes to.....

Next up we had an early dinner and got a bit of time to head down to the beach for some free time. Yet again everyone had an absolute blast kicking, swinging, digging and jumping their hearts out through the sand. 


Finally, to top off a huge day, we all settled down at the hotel for a cup of hot chocolate and a biscuit whilst we listened to the dulcet tones of Mr Senington describing his hair loss journey!