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At Belvedere Junior School we focus our teaching of History and Geography through the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) topics across each year group. 


Every year group chooses a new unit of work each half term and Geography is taught through these units in blocks.

Year 3 topics include; ‘Saving the World’ and ‘Gateways to the World’, in which children visit London City Airport and the Rainforest exhibition in London Zoo, to examine the rainforest environment.

Year 4 topics include; ‘Do You Live Around Here?’ and ‘Explorers and Adventurers’, in which children study their local environment and go into the woods to build their own shelters.

Year 5 topics include; ‘Go with the Flow’ and ‘What a Wonderful World’, in which children visit the Thames Barrier and study the effect of living near a river.

Year 6 topics include; ‘Moving People’ and ‘Going Global’ where children learn about international migration, tourism and trade.


The IPC provides certain key learning goals, which we use to help plan a varied and exciting curriculum for the children.

During their time at Belvedere Junior School, children learn how:

  • To gather information from a variety of sources (including books, video, internet, drama and role play, visiting speakers and trips.)
  • To place events, people and changes into chronological order.
  • To describe and identify reasons for and results of historical events.
  • History affects lives of people in the present.
  • The history of one country affects another.

Highlights of our history topics include:

Year 3: Learning about people from history who have made a real difference to the world and dressing up as their favourite historical figure.

Year 4: Spending the day on “The Golden Hinde” and dressing up in role to experience life as a Tudor explorer 500 years ago.

Year 5: Shooting off into the starts to learn about “The Space Race” and how discoveries from the past have a major influence on the present.

Year 6: Travelling through the “Time Tunnel” to experience life as a child evacuee during World War Two.